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Online Groups Offer Workers Anonymous Peer Support

Safeway has launched an online and mobile platform that uses web communities and anonymous peer support to encourage individuals in their physical and mental health journeys.



In Boston, Mobile Chronic Disease Management is PCMH Approved

The OneHealth platform is helping encourage skill maintenance for chronic disease self-management for Boston Medical Center's patient-centered medical home (PCMH) initiative.



Boston Safety-net Hospital Adapting OneHealth Behavioral Platform to Medical Home

Boston Medical Center launches the OneHealth platform for its patient-centered medical home initiative to promote self-management of chronic diseases, offer peer support and engage patients in between office visits.



Medicare Taken To Task About Molecular Test Pricing Method

This letter to the editor describes the problems caused by the Medicare program's failure, as of January 1, 2013, to be ready to process and reimburse lab test claims for more than 100 new molecular diagnostic CPT codes. 



Peer Support and Gaming Encourages Healthy Behavior and Creates a Culture of Health

Employee wellness programs that influence positive behavior change can lower absenteeism and develop a better sense of well-being for workers, improving productivity, job satisfaction and the bottom line.



Health Plan's Secret Sauce is Social Media

Magellan Health Services discusses how they engage patients to change behavior utilizing the OneHealth platform.



Healthcare Startup’s Social Network for Members with Chronic Conditions Focuses on Underlying Problems

OneHealth's behavior change platform supports chronic conditions that drive the largest costs to the health system. 


Clout in the Cloud

Why cloud computing prompts healthcare efficiency, cost reductions and improved patient care.



Games for health have become serious opportunities for plans

Healthcare gaming has made progress in the past year by allowing consumers to engage in health via mobile devices.



Games Patients Play

Ways that gaming and social media are bringing patients and physicians closer together.



Staff scheduling synchronicity

Children's Healthcare of Atlanta implements a web-based clinical staffing and scheduling system to maximize filled shifts and staffing efficiency while lowering staffing costs by more than $2 million.

Self-Scheduling a Win for Nurses, Hospitals

A Georgia hospital finds a cost-effective staffing solution in a self-scheduling system for nurses.



Fill Those Unpopular Shifts

How point-based awards and incentives drive employee behavior in positive ways.



Right Time, Right Nurse

The director of nursing resource management at The Miriam Hospital in Providence, RI is interviewed in this feature article about how the hospital implemented an open shift management program to proactively involve staff in the scheduling process.

6 Elements Affecting Hospital-Based Physician Service Contracts

This feature article discusses six factors that impact the level of compensation provided for hospital-based physician services.



A Better Lens on Disease

Computerized pathology slides help doctors make faster and more accurate diagnoses.




Digital Decisions

This bylined article discusses how local tissue response to treatment is a key diagnostic component at every stage of drug development, and how the adoption of digital pathology leads to more precise and faster decisions across discovery, preclinical, and clinical trials.



Digital Dashboards and Staffing: A Perfect Match

How healthcare organizations are using digital dashboards to provide employees with real-time data to guide decisions, support effective staffing, and improve the quality of care.



Digital Pathology in Drug Discovery and Development: Multisite Integration

Digital pathology is transforming global pharmaceutical research by enabling data sharing to integrate dispersed pharma pathology labs around the world. The article also reviews the stages of multisite digital pathology integration in large pharmaceutical companies.



Better Breast Cancer Care: Radiology & Pathology Converge Across the Digital Divide

Feature article discusses how physicians from the radiology and pathology departments at the University of Kansas Medical Center used a pathology information system, radiology PACS and video-conferencing system to enable the two specialties to reach across the digital divide.

Self-directed floating: Nurses are accepting its benefits

Flexibility and choice fuel workplace trend.

Measuring Protein Expression in Tissue: The Complementary Roles of Brightfield and Fluorescence in Whole Slide Scanning

Whole slide imaging offers substantial improvements for both brightfield and fluorescence measurement of protein expression. This article discusses the latest developments in fluorescence and brightfield whole slide imaging as it applies to protein expression, and how the two approaches differ and are complementary.

Crossing State Lines With Digital Pathology

Pathologists at Northwest Pathology are using a digital pathology system to provide frozen section and surgical pathology services to a rural hospital located more than 600 miles away in Alaska.